SuiteDroid is purely based on NetSuite's Web Services Platform-SuiteTalk. Before using SuitDroid to access your business data and processes on NetSuite, you need to enable NetSuite's Web Services feature and assign Web Services permissions to users. For complete information regarding the Web Services platform, please refer to NetSuite's official SuiteTalk Help page.
Enable Web Services Feature
The Web services feature must be enabled prior to submitting Web services requests by SuiteDroid.
To enable the Web services feature:

  1. As administrator, click Setup > Company > Enable Features.
  2. Click the SuiteFlex tab.
  3. Select the Web Services check box.
  4. Click Save.

Assign Web Services Permission
All standard roles have the Web services permission by default when the Web services feature is enabled. Custom roles, however, must be explicitly set to have Web services permissions using these following steps.
To assign the Web Services permission to a role:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.
  2. Click either Edit or Customize next to the role.
  3. On the Setup subtab, choose Web Services from the Permissions drop-down list.
  4. Select the permission level in the Level drop-down list.
  5. Next, click Done.
  6. Click Save.

Optional: Web Services Concurrent License
Web Services Concurrent License, also referred to as the Web Services Plus License. Each Web Services Plus License allows for one designated user to create up to five concurrent Web services sessions. Any user can be assigned a Web Services Plus License, provided that there are enough licenses available in the account. Note : This license is not required for using SuiteDroid.
To assign the Web Services Plus License to a user:

  1. Go to Lists > Employees > Employees > New to assign the license to a new employee. If assigning to an existing employee, go to Lists > Employees > Employee and select the employee from the Employees list page.
  2. Click the Access tab on the Employee record.
  3. Select the Concurrent Web Services User check box.
  4. Click Save.

Web Services Usage Log
NetSuite administrators can use the Web Services Usage Log to monitor the Web services processing data between SuiteDroid and NetSuite. This page can be accessed by going to Setup > Integration > Web Services Usage Log.

After setting up NetSuite's Web services feature, you can login into NetSuite by SuiteDroid. Type in the following credentials data and click log in button.

  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Account number
You can confirm your account number in the NetSuite UI. As administrator, go to Support > Customer Service > Contact Support by Phone.
Note: Please use the account number for Web Services login. It might come with a prefix "ACCT" before the general account number.
You can let SuiteDroid automatically search record types that you need to monitor tightly periodically. For example, SuiteDroid can automatically search your latest open Sales Orders, new Support Cases, Events and Tasks. And SuiteDroid will remind you by sending a notification message if new search results found.

Setup Automatic Search:
At SuiteDroid home menu, press Menu >Automatic Search to launch the Automatic Search Control Panel. Click Setup Automatic Search button to launch the Automatic Search Preferences panel to enable/disable Automatic Search, choose Search Frequency, Notification Ringtone, Results Cache Rule, select Record Types to search, and setup corresponding Search Filters.
Results Cache Rule:

SuiteDroid only caches the briefest references to your automatic search results so that you can view the search resutls when relaunching SuiteDroid. And the cache will be cleaned based on the cache rule. Or you can manually clean the cache at any time.
Cache Results Till Next Search: The cached results of last automatic search will be cleaned when any new search resutls found. You only see the latest search resutls.
Cache Results For # Days: The resutls will be cached for # days.

SuiteDroid is purely based on NetSuite's Web Services Platform-SuiteTalk. NetSuite leverages the latest industry security standards in order to ensure high levels of security around your business data. All Web service requests are controlled by the same security measures used in the NetSuite UI.
All data is displayed real-time through a secure connection directly from your phone to your NetSuite user account. No third party server is involved at all. SuiteDroid does not store any NetSuite data locally on your device. For Automatic Search, SuiteDroid only caches the briefest references to the results. And the cache will be cleaned based on the cache rule.
Your NetSuite password is encrypted and stored securely on your phone by SuiteDroid.
When SuiteDroid is installed, a sync account will be created on your system. This sync account works similar as your other sync accounts like Google, Facebook, Tweeter etc. You can manage the SuiteDroid sync account as well as other accounts by going to Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & Sync.
If Contacts Sync is enabled under this sync account, all of your NetSuite contacts will be automatically synced on the phone. Your NetSuite contacts will be accessible by any other Contacts Apps you prefer, like how you manage any of your other contacts from other accouts like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc. Please note that you need to set up the Display options of your own contacts apps to view NetSuite synced contacts.
The SuiteDroid Contact sync is a two-way syncing. If a new contact is created or a existing contact is modified from SuiteDroid or NetSuite website, it will be synced on your phone. And even if you created a new contact under the SuiteDroid sync account by other Contacts Apps, this new contact will be uploaded to NetSuite by the syncing service as well.
SuiteDroid provides a Calendar Widget for you to easily view your daily calendar activities(Events, Tasks, Phone Calls). To add the widget, you can either go to a empty home screen, long press the screen, and tap Widget, choose SuiteDroid Calendar. Or go to Menu -> Add to home -> Widget -> SuiteDroid Calendar.
The SuiteDroid Calendar Widget will automatically sync your daily calendar activities every two hours (8AM - 8PM) by default. You can adjust the sync frequency by go to the options menu of the Calendar of SuiteDroid. You also can enable reminder notifications for your upcoming calendar activities.