SuiteDroid for NetSuiteSuiteDroid for NetSuite

SuiteDroid is the Most Powerful and Feature Rich NetSuite Mobile Client on Android. Connect it to your NetSuite account, operate your business and monitor your data and activities anytime and anywhere you are.


  • Automatic deep two-way Contacts Syncing
  • Create, Edit, Search and View Contacts, Customers and Vendors
  • Search Contacts and Customers by locations and display on Google Map
  • Create, Edit, Search and View Transactions like Sales Orders, Quotes, Opportunities, Invoices, Cash Sales, Customer Payments, Purchase Orders
  • Approve, Fulfill and Bill Sales Orders. Process Quotes and Opportunities
  • View Transaction Reports by Customer, Item, Promotion Code and Date
  • Search and View Inventory, Items. Create, Edit, Search and View Item Receipts. Bin look-up and put-away for Inventory Items
  • Create, Edit, Search and View Support Cases
  • Weekly Calendar View, Calendar Widget, Reminder Notification
  • Create, Edit, Search, View and Update Calendar Events, Tasks, Phone Calls, Projects and Projects Tasks for advanced project feature
  • Create, Edit, Search and View Expense Reports
  • Create, Edit, Search and View Time Tracking for Customers, Projects, Cases, Tasks and Events. View Weekly Time Sheet
  • Create, Edit, Search and View User Notes for business records
  • Integrated with Evernote, Create, Edit, Search and View Evernote Notes for business records
  • Flexible ad Powerful Joint Search Filters across multiple record types
  • Automatic Search Sales Orders, Quotes, Opportunities, Support Cases, Calendar Events and Tasks
  • Integrated with Voic Input, Barcode Scanner and Maps
  • NetSuite Web is embedded in App for viewing Dashboard, KPI, Reports etc. Loading records from SuiteDroid to NetSuite Web and visa versa.
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Latest Version : 2.8.1
Developer : 4Fire Labs, LLC.
Price : $29.99 $19.99