How Contacts Sync work?How Contacts Sync work?

When SuiteDroid is installed, a sync account will be created on your system. This sync account works similar as your other sync accounts like Google, Facebook, Tweeter etc. You can manage the SuiteDroid sync account as well as other accounts by going to Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & Sync.
If Contacts Sync is enabled under this sync account, all of your NetSuite contacts will be automatically synced on the phone. Your NetSuite contacts will be accessible by any other Contacts Apps you prefer, like how you manage any of your other contacts from other accouts like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc. Please note that you need to set up the Display options of your own contacts apps to view NetSuite synced contacts.
The SuiteDroid Contact sync is a two-way syncing. If a new contact is created or a existing contact is modified from SuiteDroid or NetSuite website, it will be synced on your phone. And even if you created a new contact under the SuiteDroid sync account by other Contacts Apps, this new contact will be uploaded to NetSuite by the syncing service as well.