How to use automatic search?How to use automatic search?

You can let SuiteDroid automatically search record types that you need to monitor tightly periodically. For example, SuiteDroid can automatically search your latest open Sales Orders, new Support Cases, Events and Tasks. And SuiteDroid will remind you by sending a notification message if new search results found.

Setup Automatic Search:
At SuiteDroid home menu, press Menu >Automatic Search to launch the Automatic Search Control Panel. Click Setup Automatic Search button to launch the Automatic Search Preferences panel to enable/disable Automatic Search, choose Search Frequency, Notification Ringtone, Results Cache Rule, select Record Types to search, and setup corresponding Search Filters.
Results Cache Rule:

SuiteDroid only caches the briefest references to your automatic search results so that you can view the search resutls when relaunching SuiteDroid. And the cache will be cleaned based on the cache rule. Or you can manually clean the cache at any time.
Cache Results Till Next Search: The cached results of last automatic search will be cleaned when any new search resutls found. You only see the latest search resutls.
Cache Results For # Days: The resutls will be cached for # days.